Stairway Contests   
Contests are closed. 
We had two contests!!!  One for Oregon and one for Washington state. 
Find the longest outdoor public stairways in Oregon and win prizes! 
Or find the longest outdoor public stairways in the state of Washington and win prizes! 
Or do both!! 
The winners: 
Pat Morley (Washington, urban stairway): NE 135th St Stairway, Seattle (196 stairs) 
Spencer Albin (Washington, rural stairway): Whatcom Creek Stairway, Bellingham (105 stairs) 
Other entries: 
Wendy Witkoski (Washington, urban stairway): Lake Fenwick Park Stairway, Kent (177 stairs) 
Wendy Witkoski (Washington, urban stairway): E 34th Street Stairway, Tacoma (162 stairs) 
Spencer Albin (Washington, urban stairway): Taylor Stairway, Bellingham (104 stairs) 
We had no Oregon entries. 
We were looking for the outdoor public stairway with the most number of stairs, in accordance with the rules for stair counting
There are two categories: (1) urban stairways, and (2) rural stairways.  Urban stairways are predominately concrete, metal, or raised wood stairways.  Rural stairways are predominately wood and earth stairways, regardless of location.  Examples of each are shown below. 
Urban: Concrete
Urban: Metal
Urban: Raised Wood
Rural: Wood and Earth
To qualify the stairway must not already be on one of the stair maps.  Full documentation is required, including digital photos, and must be submitted to Doug Beyerlein via email.  In the case of a tie, the earliest submitted entry wins. 
For each state the winners of each category will be the individuals who submit the longest outdoor public stairway in their state during the contest period, even if that stairway is shorter than a stairway currently shown on a stair map. 
The submittal deadline was November 30, 2009.  All entries are subject to verification.  All results are final. 
The Oregon stair contest is sponsored by: 
The Washington stair contest is sponsored by: