This Month: September 2009 
September 2009: Mt Tabor Summit Stairway, Portland, OR 
This stairway is located on the east side of Portland, in Portland's Mt Tabor Park and is the only opportunity that I know of where one can take a stairway to the top of a volcano (it may be extinct, but it is still a volcano). 
The Mt Tabor Summit Stairway starts at the intersection of SE 69th Ave and SE Salmon Way.  With 282 stairs (by my count) this is the longest stairway in the city of Portland.  With those 282 stairs you gain 171 feet in elevation, although by the time you reach the summit it feels like a lot more. 
Stefana Young describes the Mt Tabor Summit Stairway in her book, Portland's Little Red Book of Stairs.  See page 61 for a description and driving directions. 
The best place to park your car before running or walking the Mt Tabor Summit Stairway is either in the park or on SE 69th Ave at the northeast corner of the park.  Once you are in the park also check out the Mt Tabor Reservoir Stairway.