Stair Event Reports 
2010 Los Angeles Big Parade (June 11-13, 2010) 
Commentary by Bob Inman: 
Major stairways visited: 45 
Stairways of any length:120 
Steps up about 6800 
Steps down about 3800 
Bob Inman leading the Big Parade.
Music stop on the Big Parade.
Here’s a few photos of the first part of my “vacation” when I was an assistant leading a citywide event called “The Big Parade LA”. We had 200 different people with as many as 82 at one time walking the hills and particularly the public stairways from Northeast LA to Downtown to Griffith Park and finally in the Hollywood Hills. 
Bunker Hill Stairway.
The entire route was 48 miles in 3 days of walking and the climbing included 6800 stairs. Five of the 200 people did the whole enchilada, including me. The event was lots of fun passing many LA landmarks like Angels Flight, the Disney Center, the Cathedral, Echo Park, the victorians of Angelino Heights, Southwest Museum, Silver Lake, the Frank Lloyd Wright houses in Los Feliz, the Observatory and Ferndale in Griffith Park, etc. We even had music at two rest stops and had some guest speakers at others. We finished on TOP of the mountain that the Hollywood sign is on at 8:30pm Sunday night (well not quite finished because then we had to walk down).  
The Music Box Steps.